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Scientifically formulated in conjunction with leading NZ veterinary scientists, to provide energy and a combination of essential salts to assist with calf and lamb rehydration.

  • Balanced solution that contains optimal sodium levels to restore fluid and electrolyte losses.
  • Contains alkalinising agents like acetate and propionate to help with the sodium absorption in the intestines and to correct acidosis in scouring calves, without exerting negative effects on milk clotting and emptying of the abomasum.
  • Has a high Strong Ion Difference (SID) which also helps the calf to recover from blood acidosis due to scours.
  • Supplies energy in the form of dextrose and lactose to aid rehydration and to provide an energy source to the calf.
Formulated with leading NZ veterinary scientists
Improves electrolyte absorption without impact milk feeding
Soluble & easy to mix

Feeding guidelines


Mixing rate is 50g/L warm water (approx 38°C).

Feed up to 4 doses per day.

Condition Average weight Grams per feed (g) Volume per feed (L) Feeds per day
Mild 40kg 50g 1L 2-4
(max 4L)
Mild 50kg 50g 1L 3-4
(max 4L)
Moderate 40kg 50g 1L 4-5
(max 4L)
Moderate 50kg 50g 1L 5-6
(max 4L)


120mL per 3kg live weight per feed.


Condition Average weight Grams per feed (g) Volume per feed (mL) Feeds per day
Mild/Moderate 5kg 10g 200mL 2-5
(max 1L)


Not for human consumption 

NOTE: Seek veterinary advice with cases of severe scouring or if the animal fails to respond to treatment. Calves which are weak and unable to rise, and are unable to suckle, and/or with very severe dehydration as indicated by loss of skin elasticity will require veterinary attention for intravenous fluid replacement. 

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