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Wholemilk vs CMR Calculator
Ancalf™ Mixing Calculator

Easily calculate the quantity of Ancalf calf milk replacer and water required. Works when fortifying with whole milk and even mixing from scratch.

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NZAgbiz™ is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive.

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NZAgbiz is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive. View our articles providing you with valuable information.

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Our Story

At NZAgbiz, we’re focused on the future. Not just future productivity and long-term animal health, but also the future of farming and of our planet.

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From formulations to ingredients, manufacturing to testing, NZAgbiz high standards mean exceptional products that are proven and trusted as the best choice for infant animals.


Our products are specifically formulated to meet the needs of young farmed animals and are reviewed by animal nutritionists to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards.

We test our products to essentially human grade standards and every batch is tested to ensure consistency in every feed.

We have an MPI Risk Management Plan and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point plan for animal food safety which is audited by a recognised agency for MPI.


We offer a suite of products including supplements backed by research from some of New Zealand’s leading rural institutions including Massey University, AgResearch and Scilactis. But we don’t just rest here. We are constantly investing in independent research to improve our products and rearing practices.