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Ancalf™ Mixing Calculator

Easily calculate the quantity of Ancalf calf milk replacer and water required. Works when fortifying with whole milk and even mixing from scratch.

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NZAgbiz™ is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive.

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NZAgbiz is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive. View our articles providing you with valuable information.

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Ancalf™ Finisher

A high-quality finishing CMR with curding properties, suitable for 21 days old through to weaning.

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  • Suitable from 21 days old through to weaning, when calves are becoming able to digest more complex proteins.
  • Designed to lower the overall cost of calf rearing after feeding high quality colostrum, whole milk or Ancalf™ premium calf milk replacer
  • 22% protein and 20% fat primarily from high quality dairy sources, providing essential nutrition for growth and development.
  • Good casein component, providing a good partial curd, to assist with initial digestion in the stomach and improved nutrient supply & uptake.
  • Actigen® prebiotic is able to support immune defence, gut microbial health and gut function and development, thereby promoting overall health and performance
  • Specific vitamins and minerals to enhance calf development and health.
  • Does not contain a coccidiostat, suitable for Bobby calves.
  • Every batch thoroughly tested to provide product consistency and meet rigorous Fonterra quality standards.
  • Can be used in automatic feeders.

Calculate your savings

How to save with Ancalf™ Finisher
Vat Milk vs Ancalf™ Finisher CMR

Swap your herd’s whole milk for Ancalf™ Finisher CMR and you could be better off at the end of the season.

Mixing Calculator

Easily determine your mixing quantities based on your herd size and age, plus add in litres of whole milk if combining with milk from the vat.

See the numbers for your farm.

Manufactured in New Zealand
A pre-biotic plus vitamins & minerals enhance health
Easy to mix and versatile

Feeding guidelines

If a feeding level of 13% of body weight is selected, as the preferred feeding regime, the below example will provide you guidance on feeding quantities. If your calf is larger or smaller than the averages indicated below, please adjust accordingly.


150 grams = 1 metric cup

Twice a day feeding - 150g/L

Age Approx. weight Volume per feed Grams per feed Grams per day
0-4 days - Colostrum or Jumpstart™ fed ad-lib
5-21 days  30kg Ancalf™ CMR
22-32 days 50kg 3L 450g 900g
33 days to weaning 60kg 3.5L 525g 1050g

Once a day feeding - 200g/L

Age Approx. weight Volume per feed Grams per feed
0-4 days - Colostrum or Jumpstart™ fed ad-lib
5-21 days - Follow twice a day feeding guide
22-32 days 50kg 4.5L 900g
33 days to weaning 60kg 5L 1000g

Mixing instructions

1. Measure half the volume of warm water required for feeding
2. Add the required amount of Ancalf™ Finisher and mix thoroughly
Easy to mix
3. Top up with water to full feed volume required
4. Test milk is 38-40°C before feeding
Easy to mix

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