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At NZAgbiz, we’re focused on the future.

Not just future productivity and long term animal health, but also the future of farming and of our planet.

We’ve never met a farmer that doesn’t love their herd. They know, like we do, that continued success requires doing everything possible to efficiently breed and rear strong healthy animals, from the start of their lives.

We’re here to help kiwi farmers and rearers to know, and do, better. To set them up for success. Not just today, but for the future. Stronger animals reaching their genetic potential. Better, more sustainable farming practices. Better decisions, made early, in pursuit of better long term outcomes.

We start with a commitment to quality. With over 50 years of history, ongoing research, scientific testing, proven results, and

a team that does whatever it takes to continually improve – we are driven to develop products that are unmatched in their quality and performance. From NZ’s superior blend of whole milk, casein-based milk replacers, to the innovation that has brought about the market’s most effective electrolytes.

When farmers or rearers have a challenge, or need guidance, or just want to chat about the best way forward – we’re here to listen and to provide them with the best start. And we do it with their future in mind. Start with the future in mind.

Start with the future in mind.

Our Promise


Not all young animal nutrition is made equal. Quality sets us apart.

Quality is our guiding light. From what we make, to how we make it, to how we sell it. We will not compromise on quality.


In an industry beset with misinformation, the truth sets us apart.

We will keep the truth on our side.

We will be armed with the truth, and lead with it. Our relationships and success depend on it.


As we look to the future, we know we can’t stand still. Improvement sets us apart.

Continual improvement is something we share with our customers. Continued leadership demands that we keep ahead, with an eye on the future.


As we look toward the future, we want to understand our farmers’ needs and to be able to offer support and guidance toward better efficiency and sustainability when producing. We also want for them to be able to trust that they’re partnered with suppliers that will make the right decisions with them.

We know that decisions we make in our business will impact the sustainability performance of our farmers’ businesses. We are committed to ensuring this impact is a positive one. Sustainability in animal farming is not only a question of protecting the environment.

To be truly sustainable, farmers also need to be technically and economically efficient, respectful of animal health and welfare, and commit to producing high-quality food that is both sanitary and nutritional.

NZAgbiz takes sustainability seriously and as part of our sustainable responsibility, we have ensured that our packaging is recyclable. 
Find out more about how you can recycle your NZAgbiz products below.

Since the industrial revolution, businesses have been built and operate on a linear ‘take-make-waste’ model. But as pressure on resources grows, there is a need to shift to a more ‘circular’ economy.

The circular model seeks to maximise the lifecycle of materials, optimise usage, and re-use materials. ‘Going circular’ means designing products to help create a circular economy in New Zealand. And that’s exactly what NZAgbiz does.

The raw waste materials NZAgbiz uses include products known as ‘loss streams’ such as oversized sifter particles, fine powder particles, and cheese trims as well as ‘downgrade products’ such as powder, butter, cheese and cream cheese.

 After being reworked by NZAgbiz, they are turned into useful animal nutrition products like calf milk replacers (CMRs), pig products and specialist animal health supplements such as probiotics, colostrum powder and electrolyte replacements. Any loss stream product NZAgbiz cannot re-work is on-sold as ingredients for stock feeds, soaps, and biofuels.