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If bottle feeding from birth, it is important that colostrum is fed to cria within 6 hours of birth and then for at least 2 days.

If alpaca colostrum is not available then colostrum from deer, goats or cows may be used. Alternatively, Jumpstart™ Full Cream Colostrum is available from your rural retailer.

Feeding recommendations
  • Unlike many other infant animals, cria will stop feeding when they are full, so it is best to offer them more than you expect them to drink.
  • Mix 200 grams of Anlamb™ milk replacer (LMR) per litre of water.
  • Add Anlamb™ milk replacer (LMR) to one third of the required volume of water and mix thoroughly.
  • Top up with water to the correct volume and temperature.
  • Clean fresh water should be available at all times.

Anlamb™ feeding guidelines for cria

These tables are a guide only.

Age Feeds per day Volume per feed (mL) Jumpstart™ grams per feed (g) Anlamb grams per feed (g) Daily volume (L)
1 day 6 150mL 20g - 0.9L
2-4 days 6 150mL 10g 15g 0.9L
5-7 days 4 250mL - 50g 1.0L
8-21 days 3 300mL - 60g 0.9L
Day 22 to weaning 3 350mL - 70g 1.1L
  • Some rearers have reported increasing this concentration if weight gain is not adequate.
  • Cria should be fed colostrum for atleast the first 2 days. Anlamb™ should only be fed during this time if no form of colostrum is available.
  • Bottle fed cria often wean themselves earlier than naturally suckled cria. This may happen from around 3 months.