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Easily calculate the quantity of Ancalf calf milk replacer and water required. Works when fortifying with whole milk and even mixing from scratch.

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NZAgbiz™ is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive.

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NZAgbiz is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive. View our articles providing you with valuable information.

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A powerful probiotic suspended in dry milk powder, designed to enhance the immune system and promote gut health of young animals.

  • Aids gut health and animal well-being.
  • Freeze dried powder format to retain good bacteria. The good bacteria lie dormant until introduced to liquid.
  • Suitable to add to liquid milk or milk replacer from new born age.
  • Bacterial count of one billion good bacteria per gram.
  • Good solubility and flow properties.
  • 100% dairy milk powder.
  • Readily digestible.
100% dairy milk powder
Supports the immune system & gut health
Readily digestible

Feeding guidelines

Biosupport can be easily fed from birth to weaning by mixing directly with warm milk or warm milk replacer.

10 grams = 1 metric tablespoon

Litres Grams Biosupport Scoop
10L 10g 1
20L 20g 2
30L 30g 3
40L 40g 4
50L 50g 5
Mixing instructions
  • Mixing rate is 1g/L of milk – (approx 38 degrees), or 10g scoop of Biosupport to 10 litres of milk or milk replacer.
  • This product is not designed to be used as a milk replacer, but in addition to feeding of the animal.
  • Use a recommended animal milk replacer and milk feeding rates and add Biosupport at the suggested mixing rate below to all feeds from birth to weaning.

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