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Ancalf™ Mixing Calculator

Easily calculate the quantity of Ancalf calf milk replacer and water required. Works when fortifying with whole milk and even mixing from scratch.

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NZAgbiz™ is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive.

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NZAgbiz is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive. View our articles providing you with valuable information.

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At NZAgbiz, we’re focused on the future. Not just future productivity and long-term animal health, but also the future of farming and of our planet.

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New Zealand's full curding whole milk powder based CMR, trusted by kiwi farmers since 1966.

Why Ancalf™?
  • Suitable from day 4 through to weaning*
  • Nutrient profile almost identical to raw whole milk, providing calves with the very best start to life.
  • 26% protein primarily from NZ sourced whole milk powder, providing essential nutrition for growth.
  • 20% fat from dairy sources, the only fat that contains butyrate, which is important for rumen development.
  • High casein component for a strong curd, like nature intended, for initial digestion in the stomach and improved nutrient supply & uptake.
  • Coccistop® coccidiostat to help combat the effects of coccidiosis. Safe for dogs and horses.
  • Actigen® prebiotic supports calf health by preventing some bad bacteria (gram negative bacteria) populating the intestine, enabling the gut to function more efficiently and liberates nutrients for growth and health.
  • Specific vitamins and minerals to enhance calf development and health.
  • Every batch thoroughly tested to provide product consistency and meet rigorous Fonterra quality standards.
  • Can be used in automatic feeders and for fortifying whole milk to increase nutrition and consistency.

Ancalf - the word on the farm series

We talked to farmers and calf rearers up and down the country. They share their Ancalf stories and tips to producing healthier, happier calves that hit their target weights quicker.

Joanne Leigh

Joanne Leigh from Top Notch Calves shares her secret to rearing healthy calves

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant talks economics of calf rearing

James Emmett

James Emmett from South Canterbury shares his Ancalf experience

How to save with Ancalf™

VAT milk vs CMR

Swap your herd’s whole milk for NZAgbiz calf milk replacers and you could be better off at the end of the season.

See what your savings could be.

Mixing Calculator

Easily determine your mixing quantities based on your herd size and age, plus add in litres of whole milk if combining with milk from the vat.

See the numbers for your farm.

Made with 100% NZ sourced whole milk powder
A pre-biotic, coccidiostat plus vitamins & minerals enhance health
Easy to mix and versatile

Feeding guidelines

If a feeding level of 13% of body weight is selected, as the preferred feeding regime, the below example will provide you guidance on feeding quantities. If your calf is larger or smaller than the averages indicated below, please adjust accordingly.

Twice a day feeding - 150g/L

Age Approx. weight Volume per feed Grams per feed Grams per day
0-4 days 0-30 kg Colostrum or Jumpstart™ fed ad-lib
5-10 days 30kg 2L 300g 600g
11-21 days 40kg 2.5L 375g 750g
22-32 days 50kg 3L 450g 900g
33 days to weaning 60kg 3.5L 525g 1050g

Once a day feeding - 300g/L

Age Approx. weight Volume per feed Grams per feed
0-4 days 0-30 kg Colostrum or Jumpstart™ fed ad-lib
5-10 days 30kg Follow twice a day feeding guide
11-21 days 40kg 2.5L 750g
22-32 days 50kg 3L 900g
33 days to weaning 60kg 3.5L 1050g

Mixing instructions

1. Measure half the volume of warm water required for feeding
2. Add the required amount of Ancalf™ and mix thoroughly
Easy to mix
3. Top up with water to full feed volume required
4. Test milk is 38-40°C before feeding
Easy to mix


Typical Analysis
Protein 26%
Fat 20%
Lactose 43.5%
Moisture 3.5%
Minerals 7%

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