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Calf Rearing Answered Live Stream Q&A

Start with your future in mind and join Fonterra’s Senior Vet Michael Shallcrass, Ajmal Khan from AgResearch and NZAgbiz National Sales Manager Carla Rawson online in our Calf Rearing Answered Live Stream Q&A. They will be covering some great topics and are here to help answer any of your questions.

Topics Include:

  • Mixing CMR with whole milk and switching to CMR
  • What is needed to achieve success in weaning?
  • When is the right time to wean?
  • How to wean a calf?  High vs Low milk systems
  • Post weaning management  

Meet the Panel

Dr. Ajmal Khan

Senior Scientist- Animal Nutrition and Physiology

AgResearch Limited, New Zealand


Dr Khan has spent the last 15 years in Animal Science research, teaching and extension at the Seoul National University, National Institute of Animal Science, South Korea, the University of British Columbia, Canada and at AgResearch, New Zealand.

The primary research interest of Dr Khan is the physiology and nutrition of calves and dairy cattle.

Dr Khan is interested to use early-life interventions to influence the development and functions of the gastrointestinal tract, mammary gland, and immune system in young animals to improve lifetime health, welfare and performance of dairy and dairy-beef cattle.

Michael Shallcrass

Senior Veterinary Manager


Michael is the Senior Veterinary Manager within Fonterra’s On-Farm Excellence Animals team. This team focuses on managing animal health and welfare on Fonterra farms, and identifying and encouraging the adoption of good farming practices.

Michael oversees Fonterra’s Mastitis Support Programme, with a network of veterinarians around the country who have received additional training in milk quality investigations.

Before joining Fonterra, Michael was in clinical practice for twelve years, with a strong focus on mastitis management and bull fertility.

Carla Rawson

National Sales Manager



M: 0800 809 011

Carla was bought up on a sheep and beef farm in the Waikato, rearing many a lamb and calf for Agdays. She went onto study sciences and qualified in Bio-chemistry before furthering her education in both sales and marketing.

She spent 6 years in the UK working in the health industry before returning to New Zealand in 2006 to start a family. She is now living back in the Waikato, working for Fonterra (NZAgbiz), where she is enjoying her true passion of farming, in particular rearing infant animals.

Calculate your savings

How to save with Ancalf™ and Ancalf Finisher™
Vat Milk vs Ancalf™ CMR

Swap your herd’s whole milk for Ancalf™ CMR and you could be better off at the end of the season.

Vat Milk vs Ancalf Finisher™ CMR

Swap your herd’s whole milk for Ancalf Finisher™ CMR and you could be better off at the end of the season.


There can be a lot of questions to be answered when you are beginning the calving process. So we have turned to AgResearch scientists and veterinarians to provide you with research-based answers to help you make better decisions to get your calves off to the best start.