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Ancalf™ Mixing Calculator

Easily calculate the quantity of Ancalf calf milk replacer and water required. Works when fortifying with whole milk and even mixing from scratch.

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NZAgbiz™ is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive.

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NZAgbiz is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive. View our articles providing you with valuable information.

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At NZAgbiz, we’re focused on the future. Not just future productivity and long-term animal health, but also the future of farming and of our planet.

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What we call payback

Save by using milk replacer instead of vat milk to feed your calves.  Ancalf CMR has a similar 80% casein, 20% whey protein composition as vat milk at a lower cost so you get paid for all of your milk and pay less for calf feeding.  

Now that’s what we call payback.

Calculate your savings

How to save with Ancalf™ and Ancalf Finisher™
Vat Milk vs Ancalf™ CMR

Swap your herd’s whole milk for Ancalf™ CMR and you could be better off at the end of the season.

Vat Milk vs Ancalf Finisher™ CMR

Swap your herd’s whole milk for Ancalf Finisher™ CMR and you could be better off at the end of the season.

Ancalf™ is as mother nature intended, with high levels 

of casein for better curding and ease of digestion, while providing the fatty acid butyrate to assist with young calves rumen development.

It means that your calves fully utilise all the nutrition from every feed and you get the best results too.

We care as much as you do that that you get healthier calves that grow into bigger heifers and in the long term are better producing cows.

Help your calves achieve their full genetic potential, today.

Start with Ancalf.






There can be a lot of questions to be answered when you are beginning the calving process. So we have turned to AgResearch scientists and veterinarians to provide you with research-based answers to help you make better decisions to get your calves off to the best start.

What are the liquid feed options for calves?
How much should I be feeding them?