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Easily calculate the quantity of Ancalf calf milk replacer and water required. Works when fortifying with whole milk and even mixing from scratch.

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NZAgbiz is focused on providing trusted nutrition to ensure young animals thrive. View our articles providing you with valuable information.

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A high protein milk powder supplement for weaners and mature pigs.

  • Can be fed as a liquid milk or mixed with dry feed.
  • High protein.
  • Supports healthy growth.
  • Can be fed in conjunction with pig meal, molasses or alternative pig supplements.
  • Brutus is not designed to be fed to any animal species other than pigs and is not a piglet feed.
  • Piglets should be reared with Anlamb to ensure adequate fat intake.
Formulated specifically for mature pigs
Supports healthy growth
Easy to mix and versatile

Feeding guidelines

If feeding as a milk, mix with water at a rate of 200g/L 

For best results feed Brutus™ in-conjunction with pig meal or alternative pig supplements.

Mixing instructions

1. Measure half the volume of warm water required for feeding
2. Add the required amount of Brutus™ and mix thoroughly
Easy to mix
3. Top up with water to full feed volume required
4. Test milk is 38-40°C before feeding
Easy to mix

Our products are available from all major rural outlets

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