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At NZAgbiz, we only use the best and highest quality ingredients such as whole milk and cream powder to name a few.

 It is due to this fact that we are able to produce young animal nutrition such as Ancalf that contain a high milk fat content and are guaranteed to curd in the rumen, as nature intended.

Research and development

We offer a suite of products including supplements backed by research from some of New Zealand leading rural institutions including Massey University, AgResearch and Scilactis. But we don’t just rest here. We are constantly investing in independent research to improve our products and rearing practices.

Safety and testing

Our recipes are specifically formulated to meet the need of young farmed animals and are reviewed by animal nutritionists to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. We test our product to essentially human grade standards and every batch is tested to ensure consistency in every feed

We have an MPI Risk Management Plan and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point plan for animal food safety which is audited by a recognised agency for MPI.


In 2019, NZAgbiz was recognised at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards as award finalists in the ‘Going Circular’ category.

Since the industrial revolution, businesses have been built and operate on, a linear ‘take-make-waste’ model. But as pressure on resources grows, there is a need to shift to a more ‘circular’ economy. The circular model seeks to maximise the lifecycle of materials, optimise usage, and re-use materials. ‘Going circular’ means designing products to help create a circular economy in New Zealand. And that’s exactly what NZAgbiz do.

The raw waste materials NZAgbiz use include products known as ‘loss streams’ such as oversized sifter particles, fine powder particles, and cheese trims as well as ‘downgrade products’ such as powder, butter, cheese and cream cheese.

After being re-worked by NZAgbiz, they are turned into useful animal nutrition products like calf milk replacers (CMRs), pig products and specialist animal health supplements such as probiotics, colostrum powder and electrolyte replacements.

Any loss stream product NZAgbiz cannot re-work is on-sold as ingredients for stock feeds, soaps, and bio fuels.