Ancalf™ is New Zealand’s full curding whole milk powder-based CMR, trusted by farmers since 1966.

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Learn more about our mission and vision to stay as New Zealand’s premium calf milk replacer.

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At NZAgbiz, we only use these best and highest quality ingredients such as whole milk and cream powder to name a few.

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New Zealand's premium calf milk replacer since 1966. Manufactured right here in New Zealand to Fonterra's stringent standards, you can look forward to consistent quality.

Following the colostrum period, calves should be fed clean whole milk from the vat or a good quality calf milk replacer (CMR).

Research has shown that calves can thrive on a good quality CMR that has the added benefits of prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and a coccidiostat.

  • Start initial feeding 2 two hours after arrival with warm milk or electrolytes (such as Novolyte).
  • Consider a quality probiotic (such as Biosupport) to help calves transition to their new environment.
  • Clean the feed equipment and teats after each feeding.
  • Check for slow-drinking calves that struggle to compete within the group. If necessary, re-group calves on drinking speed and vigour.
  • Check milk temperature. Feeding warm (38-40°C) is recommended.
  • Clean, fresh water must be available ad lib from day one.
  • Calves should be fed at the same time each day.
  • Offer a good quality forage source (e.g. chopped grass hay, pasture, chopped silage), plus a grain-based starter, from week 1. The solid feed offered should be tailored to suit the rearing system selected. Calves can be reared successfully on high levels of milk (e.g. 8L/day) plus good quality forage.