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 Is Ancalf made in New Zealand?

Yes, our product is manufactured at sites in both the North and South Islands and made primarily from locally sourced whole milk powder.

 What are the benefits of whole milk powder?

Whole milk powder is the closest form of milk powder to cow’s milk. It consists of high-quality dairy fat and casein protein, which are the natural drivers of growth and development in new born calves. Dairy fat, the only fat that contains butyrate, which is important for rumen development and casein protein curds in the calf’s stomach, breaking down over time for optimum digestion and nutrient update.

Watch our curding video here.

 How does Ancalf differ from other CMRs?

Ancalf has been a trusted brand in New Zealand since 1966. Over that time, it has proven its consistency and effectiveness by remaining faithful to using high quantities of casein dairy ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals. It is rigorously tested before being released to market. Ancalf is guaranteed to curd.

 Is Coccistop® safe for horses / dogs?

Coccistop’s active ingredient decoquinate is a preventive level coccidiostat that is safe for horses and dogs.

 What does Actigen® do?

Actigen® prebiotic supports calf health by preventing some bad bacteria (gram negative bacteria) populating the intestine, enabling the gut to function more efficiently and liberates nutrients for growth and health.

 How many bags of Ancalf does a calf typically need?

If feeding from day four, a calf will typically need 1.5 bags of CMR, depending on your system.

 Why should milk replacers be mixed in warm water?

NZAgbiz recommend mixing with warm water as it helps with solubility and, more importantly, enable the calf to digest the milk and make the best use of it. If the water is cold, the calf needs to use its own valuable energy to warm the milk, and the stomach struggles to make it curd. Also, there is a risk the milk can enter the rumen which can cause health issues.

 How many litres of milk does 1 x 20kg of Ancalf make?

If mixing at the recommended twice per day feeding rate of 150 grams per litre, a bag of Ancalf will make 133 litres.

 How do I fortify Ancalf with my colostrum?

With Ancalf being so close to cow’s milk, Ancalf can be mixed at any ratio with colostrum. Just mix Ancalf as per the mixing instructions and add to your colostrum. Ensure the mixture is constantly moving to keep it fresh. Mixing the Ancalf warm before adding it is a good way to heat up the colostrum before feeding.

 Can Ancalf be stored outside?

If possible, store Ancalf in a shed – but if space is limited it can be kept outside. Ancalf bags have a durable plastic internal liner that keeps the powder dry in environments where rain or humidity can affect it. It is advisable to store it under a tarp and have some form of rodent protection.