Novolyte™ is a scientifically formulated electrolyte containing sugars to help provide energy and a combination of essential salts to aid in the replacement of lost electrolytes.

Novolyte™ can be used to replace lost fluids due to scouring, to treat dehydration or exhaustion and after periods of stress such as transportation.

It contains optimal sodium levels to restore fluid and electrolyte losses, plus alkalinising agents like acetate and propionate to help with the sodium absorption in the intestines and correct acidosis in scouring calves without exerting negative effects on milk clotting and emptying of the abomasum.

With a high Strong Ion Difference (SID), Novolyte™ also helps the calf to recover from blood acidosis due to diarrhoea.

The formulation supplies energy in the form of dextrose and lactose to aid rehydration and to provide an energy source to the calf.

Contains high grade ingredients in a dry powdered formulation that is soluble with good mixability.

Novolyte™ is available in 1kg and 5kg buckets.

Novolyte™ Mixing Rates