Ankid™ Goat Kid milk replacer is a specialised whey based milk replacer developed by Denkavit in Holland specifically for rearing goat kids in New Zealand conditions.

Denkavit has had a presence in New Zealand since 1962 and are still producing high quality whey based milk replacers for Kiwi farmers.

Ankid Goat Kid Milk Replacer is a precise and proven blend of premium quality whey proteins, vegetable proteins, and highly digestible vegetable oils and lactose combined with curding skim milk solids and added vitamins and minerals.

Whey based CMRs are a favourite to rear goat kids on. However, some struggle to get to weight on quickly and don’t thrive as they would on a whole milk diet. Ankid takes this theory and combines them both. It is a predominantly whey based milk replacer offering great rumen development and easy weaning, but also has a casein protein inclusion of Skim Milk Powder to provide a curd in the stomach to get the good start often achieved with casein milk.

Ankid has excellent mixability and is highly palatable with a pleasant aroma. It is suitable for use in automatic feeders.

Ankid contains a refined level of oregano oil which acts as a natural preventative to the effects of coccidiosis.


Imported from Holland