Lamb & Other Species


Anlamb™ is New Zealand’s favourite lamb milk replacer. It is a specialised milk powder sourced wholly from cow’s milk in New Zealand and has help raise thousands of animals, not just lambs, since the 1970s.


Ankid™ Goat Kid milk replacer is a specialised whey based milk replacer developed by Denkavit in Holland specifically for rearing goat kids in New Zealand conditions. Denkavit has had a presence in New Zealand since 1962 and are still producing high quality whey based milk replacers for Kiwi farmers.


Brutus™ is a high protein milk powder supplement for feeding to weaners and mature pigs.


Jumpstart™ Full Cream Colostrum is a replacement colostrum powder, and is designed as a natural supplement for newborn animals that have received little or no colostrum at birth. It is a supplement that will provide essential immunoglobulins for newborn animals.


Biosupport™ is a powerful probiotic supplement for young animals developed and produced by NZAgbiz and Fonterra Research & Development Centre. Biosupport™ contains over one billion good bacteria (Bifidobacterium Animalis) per gram to flood the gut and create a healthy environment. It is mixed at a feeding rate of 1g per litre of milk replacer or whole milk.


Novolyte™ is a scientifically formulated electrolyte containing sugars to help provide energy and a combination of essential salts to aid in the replacement of lost electrolytes.