Feeding Piglets

It is important the piglet receives colostrum at birth. Colostrum should be available for at least 24 hours. If colostrum is not available from the sow, Jump-Start™ Full Cream Colostrum should be fed. Jump-Start™ is available from your rural retailer.

Feeding recommendations

Mix 160 grams of anLamb™ per litre of water. Add anLamb™ to half of the required volume of water and mix thoroughly. Top up with water to the correct volume and ensure the temperature of the milk is 40oC.

Age of piglet (Days) Number of feeds per day Volume milk per feed (mls)
1 day 8 20 - 30 colostrum
2 8 20 - 30 lamb milk replacer (LMR)
3 - 7 6 40 - 50 lamb milk replacer (LMR)
8 to 14* 6 80 - 100 lamb milk replacer (LMR)
15 - weaning* adlib adlib lamb milk replacer (LMR)

* Encourage piglets to drink from an autofeeder or shallow dish as early as possible.

Introduce milk based feeds to the piglets at 8 - 14 days. feeding piglets