Feeding Lambs

Colostrum is essential for young lambs. A newborn lamb should receive colostrum from its mother within 6-12 hours of birth. This colostrum feeding would naturally be continued for the next 4 days. If no colostrum is available Jump-Start™ Full Cream Colostrum can be used as a suitable alternative for the first day. For the next 3 days a lamb milk replacer (lamb milk replacer (LMR) or Denkavit Lamb ) should be fed in conjunction with Jump-Start™. For special instructions see Jump-Start™.


Lambs navels should be checked and sprayed with iodine to prevent navel infection. All feeding and mixing equipment must be thoroughly cleaned between feeds. Pens should be cleaned prior to lambs arriving and between batches of lambs.

Feeding recommendations

  • Always follow the feeding instructions, do not increase volumes as lambs are susceptible to bloating and/or scouring from overfeeding. Check the hole in the teat is not too big as this can also cause bloating. Tip the bottle upside down. If the milk is free flowing from the teat the hole is too big.
  • If lambs are weak and unable to suck, they should be fed colostrum and/or a lamb milk replacer using a lamb reviver (tube feeder).
  • Feeding recommendations
  • Mix the lamb milk replacer @200g/litre of water. Add milk replacer to half of the required volume and mix thoroughly. Top up with water to the required volume ensuring that the temperature of the milk is 40oC. Each bag contains a 40g scoop** (= this makes 200mls of milk)

As a guide

Scoops of powder Milk volume made
1 200ml
2 400ml
3 600ml
4 800ml
5 1 litre

** The correct weight may vary depending on the density of the powder and the level of the scoop. Check with a set of kitchen scales for accuracy.

Feeding rate

Mixing rate is constant at 200g/litre

Age of lamb (Days) Number of feeds per day Volume per feed (mls) Number 40g scoops required per feed
1 day 6 100 colostrum
2 to 4 6 150 less than 0.5
5 to 7 4 250 1.25
8 to 21 4 350 1.75
21 to weaning 2 500 2.5

Fresh clean water should also be available at all times. A meal concentrate and / or hay may be offered from day 7.