Q. Can you feed Calf Milk Replacers's to lambs?
A. It is not recommended that CMR's are fed to lambs due to the lower amount of fat that is in a CMR. This will lead to reduced growth rates and could cause severe animal health issues. Use Anlamb™ instead, this LMR has the adequate nutritional requirements for lambs and a number of other infant animals.

Q. Can I measure the powder out with a cup?
A. We strongly recommend using scales to weigh the powder as the density of the CMR and LMR can change significantly enough between batches that a standard measuring device, like a cup, will not consistently be accurate.

Q. How many grams do the scoops hold in the Anlamb bags?
A. They are a double ended scoop with both 20 gram and 40 gram cups on either end. You can use each cup or a combination to acheive a desired feeding rate. NZAgbiz strongly recommends weighing your powder to achieve the most accurate results.

Q. How should I store left over CMR and LMR?
A. The CMR and LMR should be sealed and stored in a cool and dry environment free from rodents and birds to avoid contamination or spoiling.

Q. How many litres does a 20kg bag of CMR make?
A. A calf needs to receive adequate nutrition in its early stages of life to become a healthy, functionaing adult. On recommendations from leading opinions in anumal nutrition, NZAgbiz stongly state that a rate of 150 grams is required to make up one litre to achieve that level of nutrition, this means a bag makes 133 litres. Though other milk replacer brands state a lower rate can be used, NZAgbiz stand by the 150g mixing rate to give your calves the best start and future.

Q. What is the difference between Ancalf, Nutricalf, and Ancalf™ Finisher?
A. Please see the product page...

Q. Can I feed my calves'  cold milk?
A. Warm milk, as opposed to cold milk, is desirable as the animals energy will not be consumed heating cold milk up to body temperature for digestion. Warm milk is also ready for the curding process to function in the abomasum, whereas cold milk can bypass the stomach into the lower intestine, negating the important curding process. Cold milk can also be confused for cold water, which can flood the rumen (called rumen drinking) which can lead to fermenation and rumenal bloat.

Q. What is the recommended mixing rate of Brutus for weaners and mature pigs?
A. The mixing rate is 200 grams per litre. It can be added to dry feed also.

Q. Can I feed Brutus to piglets?
A. No, Brutus lacks the required fat content as an adequate feed for piglets. It can be used as a support feed if the piglet is still feeding from its mother.

For more information Contact Us or download the Calf and Lamb Rearing Guidbook.