Ancalf™ is a premium Calf Milk Replacer made of a precise blend of casein dairy ingredients blended to meet the nutritional requirements of young calves.

Ancalf™ has been a trusted brand in New Zealand since 1966 and is still the most preferred Calf Milk Replacer in New Zealand.

Ancalf™ contains a premix which provides calves with their mineral and vitamin requirements. It contains extra calcium for greater bone development and can be fed to calves from day four.

Ancalf™ contains a coccidiostat, which aids in the prevention of Coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease that causes reduced feed consumption and conversion in the sub-clinical form. Clinical signs include bloody scouring and weight loss.*

Ancalf™ contains Actigen™ from Alltech Inc. which is a natural carbohydrate fraction that supports an animal’s natural defences, maintains intestinal function and aids absorption of nutrients. Actigen™ is traceable and is a valuable growth permitter helping animals achieve their full potential.

Because Ancalf™ is made of excellent dairy casein protein, it is a good curding, highly digestible milk replacer.

NZAgbiz tests all batches of Ancalf™ to make sure it achieves a satisfactory curding level.

Ancalf™ can be fed on twice and once per day daily feeding programmes and can be used in automatic feeders.


*If users wish to feed a CMR without a coccidiostat as part of their CMR feeding programme, Ancalf™Finisher doesn't contain a coccidostat and is safe for bobby calves.