Nutricalf™ is a premium Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) made from a unique blend of quality milk powders designed to meet the nutritional requirements of young calves. Nutricalf™ contains additives which assist in the growth and general health of young calves.
It is developed in conjunction with Denkavit BV in The Netherlands.

Nutricalf™ is a precise blend of casein based dairy ingredients and specially formulated vegetable fats and protein developed by NZAgbiz and Denkavit BV.
It contains Actigen®, a natural growth permitter that aids in digestion and nutrient uptake and a coccidiostat that aids in the prevention of coccidiosis.
Nutricalf™ contains a formulated vitamin and mineral premix.


  • High quality dairy and vegetable ingredients
  • Highly soluble, good mixability
  • Curding casein component
  •  Contains a coccidiostat™
  •  Can be fortified with whole milk
  •  Can be used in automatic feeders