Biosupport™ is a powerful probiotic supplement for young animals developed and produced by NZAgbiz and Fonterra Research & Development Centre.

Biosupport™ contains over one billion good bacteria (Bifidobacterium Animalis) per gram to flood the gut and create a healthy environment. It is mixed at a feeding rate of 1g per litre of milk replacer or whole milk.

Probiotics are live good bacteria that have been demonstrated to enhance the immune system and help promote good digestion and gut health.

It is a powder blend of probiotic and dairy powders meaning it is soluble and mixes easily with milk or milk replacer.

Being a powder blend, it is easy to handle and has a shelf life of 18 months from opening.

At a feeding rate of 1g per mixed into one litre of CMR or whole milk, the cost per calf is less than 20c per day. If feeding calves an average of 4 litres of milk per day, a calf will receive 4 billion good bacteria, meaning  healthy calves as well as millions of good bacteria killing off bad bugs in feeding equipment.