Ancalf™ Finisher

Ancalf™ Finisher is a cost-effective Calf Milk Replacer (CMR), intended to be fed from 14 days of age onwards. It is designed as a milk replacer product to be fed as a second stage option after feeding whole milk or colostrum, or Ancalf™ premium Calf Milk Replacer.

Ancalf™ Finisher is designed as a finishing CMR in a two-stage feeding system. This should begin with quality whole milk or colostrum or a premium Calf Milk Replacer such as Ancalf™ and completing the rearing up to weaning with Ancalf™ Finisher.
Note: If using Ancalf™ Finisher as a second stage product, making the transition from whole milk or a premium Calf Milk Replacer to Ancalf™ Finisher should be carried out suddenly. Do not mix together or prolong the changeover


  • High quality dairy ingredients
  • Contains Actigen™ and essential vitamins
  • Does not contain a coccidiostat
  • Soluble, good mixability
  • Curding and Non-curding dairy ingredients
  • Can be used in automatic feeders